Social Media Investigations

Why would I need a social media investigation?
Our clients utilize this service for various reasons and types of investigations. Social media investigations search and gather information from posts, updates, photos, videos, and conversations from social media, forums, and dating websites. Some of the reasons clients pursue a social media investigation may include:

Information on a potential online suitor
Confirm others posted damaging information about you online
Search and confirm the information on a missing person
Gather additional evidence or verify an alibi claim for a court case
Is searching social media enough to verify information?
Social media is a resource that we use in an investigation, but the caveat is that social media alone is not verifiable information. Including a professional background check and other private investigation services can be used to verify information found on social media accounts.

Why do I need a private investigator to do a social media investigation?
Our social media investigation experts have the knowledge and quality software to efficiently and accurately search for individuals and information online. More importantly, private investigators understand the laws and ethics on gathering evidence to ensure that any information they acquire is admissible in court. Doing a social media investigation on your own without the professional know-how puts you at risk of inadvertently having evidence, or worse your case, thrown out of court.

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