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Almost every day, the news reports instances of businesses being victimized by fraud, theft, breach of computer security, or other serious problems. Many of these problems are caused by the business’s own employees. One of the best ways for businesses to help prevent themselves, and their clientele, from being victimized in this way is by conducting pre-employment background checks. Employee Background Check Provider in NY A thorough background check can help: protect against workplace...

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Employee Background Check Basics – Due Diligence Matters to Your Business

Hire slowly and fire quickly. This is a common adage among successful entrepreneurs highlighting the importance in identifying the right staff. People can put anything on a resume. They want that job, and many will say anything to get it. This is the reason it’s not surprising that in a survey of employers, approximately 70% said they caught applicants not telling the truth. As a business owner who counts on the people you hire for the productivity of your company, do you really want an...

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The High Costs Of Not Running An Employee Background Check

Today, an estimated 90% of major employers in the country utilize employee background checks to ensure that their employees are being honest on their applications and that they’re a good fit for the business. These pre-employment screenings can look for fraudulent claims on an application, criminal history, financial history, and much more. It’s important to take a closer look at just why it’s critical to utilize employee background checks, and what it really comes down to in...

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Could an Employee Background Check Have Prevented Alleged Employee Theft at Shinnecock Animal Hospital?

Here’s a recent report found at patch.com written by Priscila Korb about an employee of the Shinnecock Animal Hospital who was arrested for stealing more than $50,000 from the hospital and its customers. Keri A. Guillo, 28, who worked as an administrative assistant at the hospital, stole money from the hospital and its clients by using their credit card information, police said. She stole varying amounts of money totaling over $50,000 in 2011 and 2012, police said. Read the entire...

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