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Fun Fact Friday: Eugène François Vidocq: Criminal Mastermind to Private Detective and Forensics Genius

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons, Portrait by Achille Devéria Eugène François Vidocq, (July 1775-May 1857) a french criminal mastermind, is regarded as the first private detective in the world and the father of modern criminology. After decades of a life of crime, Eugene turned and became an informant for the police, eventually founding his own private detective agency, and discovered and patented forensic techniques still used to this day. First Private Detective in the World: From Convict to...

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First Fun Fact Friday: Kate Warne-First Female P.I. in the United States

Kate Warne, first female private investigator hired in the US. This image has been debated on whether or not it is Kate Warne dressed as a male. Unfortunately, there are few portraits of Warne, let alone confirmed: However, that only adds to her legacy as a master of disguise and covert detective. Kate Warne: First Female PI and Master of Disguise In 1856, the now famous Pinkerton detective agency in Chicago, had a woman walk in inquiring on what Alan Pinkerton first thought to be for the...

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Finding a Missing Person With The Help of a Private Investigator

The experience of having a missing friend or a family can be disturbingly distressing. It is understandable to be troubled especially if you shared a close bond with the person that has disappeared. However, panicking in the face of this ordeal will not help the missing person. Investigating, searching, and tracking down a missing person is not easy. Because of this, it would be wise to get the help of a professional private investigator as they are typically knowledgeable and experienced on...

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Employers Need a Private Investigator Now More Than Ever

When most people think of a private detective they think of seedy deals in back alleys and someone taking photos of a cheating spouse. But that’s the Hollywood version of it. The reality is that a professional private investigator can help with a number of different issues throughout a wide range of areas. Two perfect examples are vetting and hiring new employees, and assisting in investigating internal employment-related issues. Turning to a private investigator, especially one skilled...

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Finding Missing Persons and Bringing Loved Ones Home

For any family, the disappearance of a loved one can cause immense emotional and personal turmoil. For missing persons cases, hiring a Private Investigator can be of great benefit in assisting the affected family to find the missing person, or at least develop sufficient information to provide closure. While it is highly appropriate and necessary for family members to contact the local authorities as soon as there is a suspicion that a person has been abducted or has disappeared under...

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Protecting Our Elders Through Private Investigations

Let’s face it – nothing can be more stressful and difficult than finding yourself in the situation where you must provide care for your loved ones. That role reversal can be hard for any child, and it’s even worse when your circumstances mean that you are forced to confine your loved one to the care of someone else. Placing a parent’s care in the hands of a stranger is no easy matter, and something that takes considerable trust. It can also create a tremendous amount of...

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Private Investigative Services- Asset Searches

Below is a list of asset services our New York and long island private investigators can perform. These services are not limited to asset searches and can also include other miscellaneous searches that can be very helpful to whoever may need them, such as the following: Vehicle Registration or Plate Number- You provide VIN# or license plate #, results in name and address where registered, type of vehicle and lien holder information Real Property- You provide name/ssn, results in search of all...

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Private Investigator NYC can help Financial Recovery

Our NYC and Long Island Private Detectives can help you with a variety of different services to help you recover your finances. Below are the listed services that include what information you provide as well as the results you will get. Place of Employment or Sources of Income- You provide name/ssn/current address, results in current/active employment or source of garnishable income Employment History- You provide name/ssn/current address, results in past 5-10 years of employment history (may...

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New York Private Investigator Phone Searches

The  private detectives at Radius Investigations can perform a variety of phone searches for a multitude of reasons, including to locate missing persons or a missing child. Below is the services we provide along with what information we need from you in each type of service. Reverse Landline Phone Number- You provide phone number, results in name and physical address; Reverse Cell Phone Number- You provide phone number, results in billing name and address; Find Phone Number- You provide...

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Complete Personal Background Checks

Radius Investigations offers comprehensive background checks for individuals nationwide and worldwide. Our expert private investigators have the resources and know-how to gather accurate and verified information What information do I need to conduct a background check on someone? Any information you have on someone will help us in our research. More information is better, but we understand that you may not have all the details. (which is usually why you are doing a background check in the...

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