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Is Airbnb at Fault for Not Performing Proper Background Checks in the Lapayowker Case?

News organizations worldwide are reporting that Leslie Lapayowker, a former Airbnb "superhost" and guest at Carlos Del Olmo's residence through Airbnb, was a victim of sexual assault from Del Olmo during her stay. Lapayowker has filed a lawsuit against Airbnb for negligence in reporting Del Olmo's previous criminal history.

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Employee Background Checks

The goal in any hiring process is to gain employees that you have confidence in their abilities and experience. However, things from the past can fall through the cracks that can affect employment or your company's reputation. Studies show that 3 out of 10 business failures are actually caused by employee theft, and that a third of all applications contain lies. It is important to have a background check process in place to ensure you are hiring the highest quality employees.

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Learn More About Litigation Support Services

Radius Investigations has helped many law firms involved in litigation. We excel at doing what is necessary for lawyers to succeed in court, including: finding witnesses, locating hidden assets, verifying injury claims, uncovering evidence to help criminal defendants, and more. If you’re an attorney involved in litigation and need of our help please contact us at (888)...

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Could Background Checks Have Prevented the WDBJ-TV Murders?

Last month was one of great sadness for America, but a sadness which comes with a bitter sense of familiarity. With the world still reeling from news of the on air murders of a reporter and a cameraman in Virginia, people are once again asking themselves ‘How was this allowed to happen?’ In a country where gun crime is endemic, where few people want to give up the right to bear arms, is it still possible to protect ordinary people? What measures need to be put in place to make sure that people...

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Make Us Your Third Party Background Check Provider

Almost every day, the news reports instances of businesses being victimized by fraud, theft, breach of computer security, or other serious problems. Many of these problems are caused by the business’s own employees. One of the best ways for businesses to help prevent themselves, and their clientele, from being victimized in this way is by conducting pre-employment background checks. Employee Background Check Provider in NY A thorough background check can help: protect against workplace...

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5 Reasons You Need to Conduct Employee Background Checks

For some businesses, running background checks can seem like an unnecessary expense. However, there are a variety of reasons that it’s a smart idea to always be diligent about checking your employees’ backgrounds, both before and after hiring them. 1. It Helps Weed Out Dishonest People Quite frankly, about half of the applicants you receive for any one job opening will be lying to you about something. It might be something small like dates or a job description, but it might be...

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How Private Investigators Can Protect Your Company’s Bottom Line

There are many aspects to running a business. One of them is to prevent employee fraud. Theft has been around since the beginning of time, and it is not going away any time soon. In fact, in the digital age, criminals are more sophisticated than ever before. However, by hiring private investigators, you can mitigate the risk of crime to your business, helping to protect your assets and profits. Here are some examples of how private investigators can protect your business. Loss Prevention...

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Employee Background Check Basics – Due Diligence Matters to Your Business

Hire slowly and fire quickly. This is a common adage among successful entrepreneurs highlighting the importance in identifying the right staff. People can put anything on a resume. They want that job, and many will say anything to get it. This is the reason it’s not surprising that in a survey of employers, approximately 70% said they caught applicants not telling the truth. As a business owner who counts on the people you hire for the productivity of your company, do you really want an...

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The High Costs Of Not Running An Employee Background Check

Today, an estimated 90% of major employers in the country utilize employee background checks to ensure that their employees are being honest on their applications and that they’re a good fit for the business. These pre-employment screenings can look for fraudulent claims on an application, criminal history, financial history, and much more. It’s important to take a closer look at just why it’s critical to utilize employee background checks, and what it really comes down to in...

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Understanding And Avoiding Employee Fraud

Many businesses end up being the victims of employee fraud and misconduct, and with such a high number of companies located here in NYC/Long Island, it’s only natural that many companies here will experience this problem as well. Surprisingly, many businesses don’t even realize that they’re being taken advantage of until long after the money has been taken. Consider a couple of Long Island and New York examples if you’re not convinced: Long Island resident Onesta Reyes...

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The Importance Of Employment Background Checks

Your company needs every advantage that it can get in order to thrive in today’s business climate. It’s important to pay attention to everything from marketing to sales strategies and beyond, but many companies have now realized just how important the hiring process can be as well. Hiring the right employees is a must, and hiring errors can cost a company thousands of dollars – sometimes more. There are numerous benefits offered by running employment background checks, including:...

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Top Reasons Your Business Could Need A Private Investigator

Businesses don’t operate in a vacuum. They rely on teamwork and allies – not only from employees, but from partners, suppliers, vendors, accountants, and more. In short – you’ll likely end up doing business with a lot of different people in order to keep your company moving forward. From time to time, you might find that the use of a private investigator is needed. A private eye isn’t really what the movies make it seem like, and as such it’s worth taking a look at what...

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Are Workers Compensation Investigations Needed?

Any company will face challenges, and the key to success is obvious – keep your bottom line in the black. Bringing income into the business is important, but so is reducing the overall costs that your company incurs regularly. There are a lot of different things to consider in terms of reducing costs, and it’s common for some areas to be overlooked completely. Insurance fraud and worker’s compensation investigations in particular need to be addressed, and while it may not seem like...

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Reducing Exposure and Liability for Companies Operating in the Global Marketplace

Bribery continues to be a major legal and ethical problem for U.S. businesses operating in overseas markets. The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which criminalizes bribery of foreign officials in order to access foreign markets, can have very severe penalties for U.S. firms whose employees or overseas agents are caught committing (or attempting to commit) bribery. An article found at news.yahoo.com by Reuters reports on a recent case that highlights this problem… Florida-based defense...

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Could an Employee Background Check Have Prevented Alleged Employee Theft at Shinnecock Animal Hospital?

Here’s a recent report found at patch.com written by Priscila Korb about an employee of the Shinnecock Animal Hospital who was arrested for stealing more than $50,000 from the hospital and its customers. Keri A. Guillo, 28, who worked as an administrative assistant at the hospital, stole money from the hospital and its clients by using their credit card information, police said. She stole varying amounts of money totaling over $50,000 in 2011 and 2012, police said. Read the entire...

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Crime Reduction Techniques for Your Company

This blog post is part of our continuing series of articles on how business owners and managers can protect themselves from a multitude of risks in the workplace by employing investigative and due diligence strategies. Companies today have many different obstacles and challenges that they have to overcome. While their focus must be on servicing their customers, matching the competition, marketing effectively, and dealing with their day-to-day operations, it’s also a must that businesses...

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A Look at Reducing Internal Criminal Threats in Your Business

Most business leaders, understandably, focus their effort and attention on the day to day operations of managing their business and providing for their clients or customers. As a result, they are often unaware of, or not prepared to deal with, the significant risks they face from potential employee misconduct or criminal acts. In order to protect themselves, their businesses, and their customers, it is vitally important for any business owner to understand the various risks that employees...

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Employee Background Screening: Could It Have Helped JPMorgan?

Not all employees are honest, trustworthy people. Case in point: A recent report published at usatoday.com by Kevin McCoy about an Ex-JPMorgan adviser who has been charged with fraud for allegedly stealing $20 million from customers. Michael Oppenheim, 48, took money from at least seven bank clients in a fraud scheme he operated from March 2011 to March 2015, federal prosecutors alleged. He was arrested Thursday at his Livingston, N.J., home and brought to Manhattan federal court for an...

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The NFL Conducts Background Checks On Top Draft Picks

At Radius Investigations, we frequently stress how critical it is for companies to conduct proper and thorough background screening on prospective employees. A proper background investigation can help protect not only the company itself, but also its employees and their families, the company’s brand, and its customers. Pre-employment screening should be standard practice for every organization, as demonstrated in an article written by Timothy Bella for america.aljazeera.com. Mr....

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Employers Need a Private Investigator Now More Than Ever

When most people think of a private detective they think of seedy deals in back alleys and someone taking photos of a cheating spouse. But that’s the Hollywood version of it. The reality is that a professional private investigator can help with a number of different issues throughout a wide range of areas. Two perfect examples are vetting and hiring new employees, and assisting in investigating internal employment-related issues. Turning to a private investigator, especially one skilled...

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Employee Background Checks: Who Are You Really Trusting Your Business To?

For any business owner, hiring new employees can be a lesson in trust. While almost all companies, large and small, will require an employee background check, it is unfortunate that some corporate practices in this field only extend to verifying the last place of employment and checking up on references. This is not always the best or most thorough practice, and can lead to penalties and legal issues down the road. Sadly, the trustworthiness of a new hire is not always that easy to discern,...

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Private Investigative Services- Asset Searches

Below is a list of asset services our New York and long island private investigators can perform. These services are not limited to asset searches and can also include other miscellaneous searches that can be very helpful to whoever may need them, such as the following: Vehicle Registration or Plate Number- You provide VIN# or license plate #, results in name and address where registered, type of vehicle and lien holder information Real Property- You provide name/ssn, results in search of all...

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