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How to Not Be a Victim of Bank Phone Call Scams (Infographic)

With phone and mobile scams on the rise, and the recent Equifax data breach, people are concerned for the security of their financial accounts. Unfortunately, there is an increase in phone scammers who are impersonating major banks to try to obtain your financial information. These scammers can be difficult to detect: They can obtain information from hacking your online account or on hard inquiries you have had done. (while the banks may have quality security, there is no guarantee that the...

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Fun Fact Friday: Crime Rates Are Dropping, Not Increasing

There is a common misconception perpetuated by numerous news outlets and prominent political figures that crime in the U.S. has increased in the last decade and Americans are less safe than ever before. With the advent of the internet, access to worldwide breaking news on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and 24-hour news cycles, it is easy to have confirmation bias on this claim. However, the data provided by The Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law reports the contrary:...

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Fun Fact Friday: Smart Device Hacks-Using Music as a Sonar Scanner

Smart Devices have become an integral part of our lives: Many of us use them as a form of communication, entertainment, reminders, and event planning. However, in the last few years experts have warned of the numerous security vulnerabilities that smartphones and devices face, with very little protection available for these devices.   The University of Washington recently released a paper testing the abilities to use smartphones as a sonar “beacon” to track individuals’...

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Fun Fact Friday: The First “Wild” Computer Virus

Most of us at one point or another have dealt with viruses on our computers: 40% of households have dealt with a computer virus, with 16 million homes affected by serious viruses in the last two years. As technology has spread, viruses have increased and become more complex. However, computer viruses had innocent and humble beginnings. The first appeared in the 1970s in labs as computer scientists tested the ability for programs to self-replicate. However, the first time a virus was used...

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Fun Fact Friday: The Inspiration Behind “Sherlock Holmes”

Sir Arthur Doyle created the iconic character we know today as Sherlock Holmes: The quick-witted, observation skills that err on the side of supernatural, private detective. He has been referenced and depicted in countless pieces of literature, film, and television since Doyle’s release of his Sherlock Holmes book series in the late 1800s. While Holmes’ extraordinary observant and deductive abilities are under unanimous agreement that they require some suspension of belief,...

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Fun Fact Friday: The Power of the Internet in Solving Cold Cases

The Internet has opened a wide net of resources for people to research, find, and gather information across the world, in a way that simply did not exist just a few decades ago. The internet has become a powerful tool for the public and in private investigations, and a way to network and solve cold cases. The Doe Network is an online resource that lists cold cases of those who have disappeared or are unidentified decedents. The purpose of the network is to help bring any information to the...

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Fun Fact Friday: DNA Profiling-Modern Science to Seek Justice

DNA profiling is a recent discovery that has only been used since the 1980s. DNA fingerprinting was discovered, like many scientific breakthroughs, by accident. Dr. Alec Jeffreys is a geneticist from the University of Leicester in Great Britain. The original project that led to his discovery that DNA can have similar repeating patterns happened through Dr. Jeffreys performing a study on myoglobin genes in seal meat, then comparing it to humans. He noticed that despite the different species,...

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Fun Fact Friday: The “Other” Matthew Seifer

A quick Google search of your name may reveal another person (or several people depending on how common your name is) who shares your name, which can lead to some fascinating (or horrifying) facts about these name doppelgangers. But what are the odds that the person who shares the same name as you also has common interests and backgrounds? You already know “our” Matthew Seifer, the lead investigator at Radius Investigations, but there is another Matthew Seifer, with a similar and...

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Fun Fact Friday: Eugène François Vidocq: Criminal Mastermind to Private Detective and Forensics Genius

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons, Portrait by Achille Devéria Eugène François Vidocq, (July 1775-May 1857) a french criminal mastermind, is regarded as the first private detective in the world and the father of modern criminology. After decades of a life of crime, Eugene turned and became an informant for the police, eventually founding his own private detective agency, and discovered and patented forensic techniques still used to this day. First Private Detective in the World: From Convict to...

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First Fun Fact Friday: Kate Warne-First Female P.I. in the United States

Kate Warne, first female private investigator hired in the US. This image has been debated on whether or not it is Kate Warne dressed as a male. Unfortunately, there are few portraits of Warne, let alone confirmed: However, that only adds to her legacy as a master of disguise and covert detective. Kate Warne: First Female PI and Master of Disguise In 1856, the now famous Pinkerton detective agency in Chicago, had a woman walk in inquiring on what Alan Pinkerton first thought to be for the...

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