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Active Shooter Procedures for Schools: Matthew Seifer and Don Longo on LI News Radio Nov 15 2017

Matthew Seifer and Don Longo once again were featured on “Your Island with Tom Schiliro” on LI News Radio. This segment’s discussion focuses on the school shooting in Tehama County, California and public school’s procedures in handling active shooter incidents. This segment takes place approximately in the first 40 minutes of the show....

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Fun Fact Friday: Crime Rates Are Dropping, Not Increasing

There is a common misconception perpetuated by numerous news outlets and prominent political figures that crime in the U.S. has increased in the last decade and Americans are less safe than ever before. With the advent of the internet, access to worldwide breaking news on sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and 24-hour news cycles, it is easy to have confirmation bias on this claim.

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How to Help After Hurricane Harvey: An Important Message from Radius Investigations

This week, we will be taking a small break from our usual "Fun Fact Friday" schedule; I felt that this topic is far more pressing. While many of us are preparing or already on the final summer vacations during the Labor Day holiday weekend, there are those who will not be able to celebrate this week. As Hurricane, Tropical Storm, then Hurricane again, Harvey finally vacated Southern Texas, the damage left behind is, for lack of better words: devastating. As of writing this, it has been reported that there are over 37 people have been declared dead, including Houston Police Sgt. Steve Perez, who drowned while trying to get to work. Countless more are injured and missing. That count, unfortunately, is expected to increase.

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Fun Fact Friday: The Inspiration Behind “Sherlock Holmes”

Sir Arthur Doyle created the iconic character we know today as Sherlock Holmes: The quick-witted, observation skills that err on the side of supernatural, private detective. He has been referenced and depicted in countless pieces of literature, film, and television since Doyle’s release of his Sherlock Holmes book series in the late 1800s. While Holmes’ extraordinary observant and deductive abilities are under unanimous agreement that they require some suspension of belief,...

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Fun Fact Friday: The Power of the Internet in Solving Cold Cases

The Internet has opened a wide net of resources for people to research, find, and gather information across the world, in a way that simply did not exist just a few decades ago. The internet has become a powerful tool for the public and in private investigations, and a way to network and solve cold cases. The Doe Network is an online resource that lists cold cases of those who have disappeared or are unidentified decedents. The purpose of the network is to help bring any information to the...

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Fun Fact Friday: DNA Profiling-Modern Science to Seek Justice

DNA profiling is a recent discovery that has only been used since the 1980s. DNA fingerprinting was discovered, like many scientific breakthroughs, by accident. Dr. Alec Jeffreys is a geneticist from the University of Leicester in Great Britain. The original project that led to his discovery that DNA can have similar repeating patterns happened through Dr. Jeffreys performing a study on myoglobin genes in seal meat, then comparing it to humans. He noticed that despite the different species,...

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Fun Fact Friday: The “Other” Matthew Seifer

A quick Google search of your name may reveal another person (or several people depending on how common your name is) who shares your name, which can lead to some fascinating (or horrifying) facts about these name doppelgangers. But what are the odds that the person who shares the same name as you also has common interests and backgrounds? You already know “our” Matthew Seifer, the lead investigator at Radius Investigations, but there is another Matthew Seifer, with a similar and...

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Is Airbnb at Fault for Not Performing Proper Background Checks in the Lapayowker Case?

News organizations worldwide are reporting that Leslie Lapayowker, a former Airbnb "superhost" and guest at Carlos Del Olmo's residence through Airbnb, was a victim of sexual assault from Del Olmo during her stay. Lapayowker has filed a lawsuit against Airbnb for negligence in reporting Del Olmo's previous criminal history.

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Fun Fact Friday: Eugène François Vidocq: Criminal Mastermind to Private Detective and Forensics Genius

Image Source: Wikipedia Commons, Portrait by Achille Devéria Eugène François Vidocq, (July 1775-May 1857) a french criminal mastermind, is regarded as the first private detective in the world and the father of modern criminology. After decades of a life of crime, Eugene turned and became an informant for the police, eventually founding his own private detective agency, and discovered and patented forensic techniques still used to this day. First Private Detective in the World: From Convict to...

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First Fun Fact Friday: Kate Warne-First Female P.I. in the United States

Kate Warne, first female private investigator hired in the US. This image has been debated on whether or not it is Kate Warne dressed as a male. Unfortunately, there are few portraits of Warne, let alone confirmed: However, that only adds to her legacy as a master of disguise and covert detective. Kate Warne: First Female PI and Master of Disguise In 1856, the now famous Pinkerton detective agency in Chicago, had a woman walk in inquiring on what Alan Pinkerton first thought to be for the...

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Is GPS Tracking Through Smartphone Apps Enough?

GPS tracking is a valuable tool: Whether you are a parent keeping track of your kids as they go to and from school, monitoring your teenager as they become a more independent driver, or a business owner who wants to maximize efficiency and transparency in your fleet. Having a GPS tracking device in your vehicle or in a backpack is a great way to keep tabs on your loved ones.   GPS Phone Tracking: Is it enough? Smartphones have come out with their own tracking capabilities, with Apple’s...

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Employee Background Checks

The goal in any hiring process is to gain employees that you have confidence in their abilities and experience. However, things from the past can fall through the cracks that can affect employment or your company's reputation. Studies show that 3 out of 10 business failures are actually caused by employee theft, and that a third of all applications contain lies. It is important to have a background check process in place to ensure you are hiring the highest quality employees.

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3 Tips to Detect Credit Card Skimmers

Recently a Suffolk County gas station found 2 card skimmers at the pumps. Unfortunately, this is not an uncommon case throughout the country. As technology continues to grow, scammers are getting more sophisticated in stealing your credit card information. Learn three tips to help protect yourself in preventing your cards from being skimmed.

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Strategies for Identity Theft Protection

As I discussed in my previous blog post, identity theft is one the fastest growing crimes in modern society, and can represent substantial ongoing challenges for individuals who have fallen prey to it.  Many cases of identity theft can start with minor, easily overlooked changes to bank accounts and credit charges. However, if these things are left unaddressed, they can rapidly escalate and ruin lives.   While the threat is widespread, there are steps you can take to reduce your vulnerability...

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