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Personal Background Checks For Dating

Many men and women think they are dating the person of their dreams, and are left only to find that they have been humiliated and taken advantage of.

Here are some tips from licensed private investigators to help you avoid being heartbroken, scammed, and deceived on the internet:

Watch out for anyone who seems too good to be true.

Start with chatting online and on the internet before immediately meeting in person.  See if there are any odd behaviors you notice, or any lies you begin to catch.  Remember to trust your instincts and if the story you are being told is too elaborated, chances are, it probably is.

Common Sense:

Do not think you are ‘dating’ someone you have never met.  Is the person telling you they are having financial problems? Do they always have some sort of excuse when you try to meet with them? Are they saying they want to meet you but cannot afford the trip? Do not lend out money to strangers!   Are they lying? Internet lovers are said to lie about themselves more than half the time – do not believe anything without facts!

Chat on the Phone:

Make sure they don’t have you calling a 1-900 number or something in another country.  These numbers can bring your telephone bill up to hundreds of dollars.  Also, just because the person sounds legit on the telephone, this still does not verify the story they are telling you.

Request a Photo:

See if the photo of the person is real.

Meet in Public:

While this may seem like common sense, you would be surprised how many times people end up on the first date in a private place.  By meeting in public, you are able to leave at any time and it is always the safer option of the two.

Verify their Information:

A background check will help verify the person’s name, where they live, their criminal record(s), date of birth, properties owned, vehicles owned, professional licenses, marital status, and much more.

Without conducting a background check to verify the facts, there is no way to determine if what your ‘dream date’ is saying is true.  Often times on dating sites, con artist will take on different identities and live a ‘double life’ – lying about their name, using a pre-paid telephone number, and never letting you know anything with factual substance about their life.

Background checks for online dating may seem like overkill, however, in the long run it can save you from being scammed and having your heart broken. Call 1-888-698-0077 & hire Radius Investigations today.