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don-longo-active-shooter-lectureRetired police officer and licensed private investigator Don Longo specializes in anti-crime tactics and techniques, threat assessment, international travel safety, and personal security consulting. Longo presents seminars and workshops on effective and safe response tactics and techniques to be used when confronted with a violent situation.  Students are taught how to best survive an Active Shooter Incident, the importance of employing Situational Awareness, methods of lowering one’s target profile, and ways to become a “hard target” in order to discourage an attack.  Workshops in conflict management through “verbal judo” techniques and methods allow students to utilize presence and language to control situations when engaged in verbal conflict. He has given seminars for professional security officers, police, corporations, religious institutions, non-profit organizations, and the general public.

Don Longo offers the following seminars:

  • How to Survive an Active Shooter Incident

The number of Active Shooter incidents occurring in the workplace, school grounds, and in public spaces continues to increase. This workshop provides instruction in the tactics and techniques one needs to know in order to survive the the first few critical minutes of an incident. The lecture also provides vital information on how to prevent such incidents from occurring in the workplace and in schools, the importance of establishing “Safe Rooms” and taking other pro-active measures, and detailed instruction in the three areas needed to survive…Run – Hide – Fight.  This one of the most popular workshops offered. See the calendar for upcoming Active Shooter seminars

  • International Travel Anti-Crime Techniques and Tactics

Anyone who travels abroad for business or pleasure should attend this seminar! In addition to the ever-increasing number of terrorist attacks occurring overseas, the number of criminal incidents involving violent crime against Americans has increased. These incidents include theft, robbery, assaults, larceny, kidnappings, car jackings, and abductions. These workshops teach how to become a “hard target” in order to deter criminals from attempting a crime, as well as safe and effective reactive defense techniques to be employed should an incident occur. This seminar is a variation of the workshop required of all U.S. government officials, employees, and their families prior to posting to an overseas assignment. See the calendar for upcoming Travel Anti-Crime seminars

  • Anti-Crime Avoidance and Reactive Techniques for Everyday Life–Lower Your Victim Profile

This is a basic anti-crime workshop on simple yet effective techniques to help you and your loved ones avoid being victims of violent crimes. Topics include: Embracing the Gift of Fear, Employing Situational Awareness, Becoming a Hard Target, and Safe and Effective Reactive Techniques. Workshop includes survival techniques and demonstrations of reactive and protective tactics. See the calendar for upcoming Anti-Crime seminars

  • The Real Story of Columbine High School and How to Recognize Warning Signals in Children

This seminar covers the series of events leading up to the tragic Columbine shootings and how it could have been prevented. There is also key information for parents, teachers, and education administration on recognizing warning signs in children and how to avoid these incidents. See the calendar for upcoming Warning Signs seminars

  • Verbal Judo

Originally designed for police officers to enable them to defuse potentially violent situations, and to use language to gain compliance without resorting to physical force, this workshop is available to the public and is ideal for schools, churches, and security personnel, as well as for those in the business world.  The use of these techniques is a great asset when engaged in negotiating, and provides one with the benefit of leverage. This program teaches the use of tactical language that allows one to generate compliance and cooperation when dealing with difficult people, or when engaged in verbal conflict.  Students are taught to employ these techniques in order to maintain focus and control, defuse a potentially volatile situation, negotiate, and ultimately direct or alter a person’s behavior in order to obtain a desired result. See the calendar for upcoming Verbal Judo seminars

  • Staff Response Tactics & Techniques

The program provides guidelines for dealing with a number of possible workplace occurrences. Students are taught to employ safe tactics and proven effective techniques for dealing with incidents such as: Disgruntled Patron; Disturbance; Intoxicated or Emotionally Disturbed Person; Missing/Abducted Child; Domestic Violence Incident/Fight; Illness/Injury; Theft; Active Shooter Incident. Because dealing with the public often requires knowledge of Conflict Management techniques, this program features a brief block of instruction on the use of Verbal Judo. Since it is a sobering reality that Active Shooter Incidents are increasing and can occur anywhere, a brief segment of that program is also included. See the calendar for upcoming Staff Response seminars

  • Senior Scams: Avoid Becoming a Victim of Scams that Target Seniors

This program explores a number of scams and confidence games that are routinely used to target senior citizens, including some of the newest con games. This workshop provides information on how to recognize, avoid, and respond to these scams. See the calendar for upcoming Senior Scam seminars

Don Longo’s Anti-Crime Seminars have been presented in:



Has given presentations on surviving and how to react to an active shooter situation, recognize warning signs in children who want to commit violence, and “verbal judo” techniques to de-escalate a situation. We also perform active shooter drills and provide security assessments.

Religious Institutions

Providing instruction for church security and protection procedures, as well as security operations.


Longo has given workshops to all size corporations on surviving an active shooter, international travel anti-crime techniques, and anti-crime avoidance and response techniques

General Public & Libraries

Don Longo frequently works with local libraries and senior centers in providing valuable educational seminars on anti-crime techniques and how to avoid being a victim of a scam.

Meet the Experts:

Don Longo

don-longo-security-expert-lecture-profileDon Longo is a New York State licensed private investigator, retired and decorated Suffolk County Police Officer, with over 30 years of experience in law enforcement and security. He has trained and worked with members from the FBI and the U.S. Secret Service. His expertise has given him recognition as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in domestic and anti-crime techniques and tactics.

Peter Chuchul

Peter Chuchul has 30 years experience in the law enforcement career with the Nassau County Police Department. Chuchul received numerous accommodations for his work as a uniformed and plain clothes Officer. His training has been extensive: The FBI, CIA, NYS Department of Criminal Justice Services, American Psychological Association, and Homeland Security, to name a few. He has passion and expertise on active shooter incidents and matters of safety and security for schools, hospitals, corporations, and houses of worship. Chuchul provides interactive teaching presentations, tabletop drills, including practical hands-on tactical techniques. His goal is: “to make your place of work a safe environment.”

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