Workers Compensation Suits

Worker’s compensation is usually a state-required form of insurance in the United States. Injury compensation schedules vary from states to state. The amount of workers’ compensation awards are most often provided based on the type of injury and the degree of disability of the worker. This is where Radius Investigations can assist you.

We Verify the Legitimacy of Worker’s Compensation Claims!

Radius Investigations strives to provide a comprehensive, professional, and objective investigation and analysis of the facts surrounding any injury claim and the current status of the claimant. We determine when a claim is legitimate and when it is fraudulent so our clients can reach a prompt and proper settlement.

Radius Investigations conducts investigations for the employer and/or insurer, to provide documented evidence of how the claimant is adhering or progressing through the healing or disability process. Many of our clients use our services not only when they are suspicious but whenever they have a claim. Professional video surveillance is a beneficial way to make a fair and impartial investigation of a worker’s compensation claim.

Our workers compensation claim investigations provide our clients with the following:

    • Evidence to support or impeach claims
    • Assistance in re-assessment of claims
    • Detailed activities reports form qualified investigators
    • Expert witness testimony and affidavits
    • Video recording and photographs in digital or legacy formats
    • Full report explanation
    • Multiple report delivery formats