Surveillance Investigations

Surveillance is often a valuable investigative method for obtaining crucial information and evidence in support of our clients’ cases. Surveillance involves covert observation of an individual in order to record his or her activities, identify associates, determine employment, and assess the individual’s physical health. The subjects of the surveillance are unaware that they are being watched and recorded.

Radius Investigations has extensive experience conducting successful surveillance investigations on behalf of our clients, often in physically and logistically difficult or complex circumstances. We always focus on developing relevant, legally admissible, and useful evidence in an ethical manner. Surveillance investigations are documented with detailed reports, high definition video, and photographs. Our investigators have conducted surveillance investigations throughout the United States and overseas.

Surveillance operations are especially useful for the following types of investigations:

  • Infidelity/ matrimonial investigations: Radius Investigations employs both male and female investigators who can observe a subject’s activities by vehicle or on foot.
  • Financial Lifestyle/ asset search investigations: by observing a subject’s daily activities and lifestyle, including where the individual works, how the individual spends his or her money, what vehicle the subject drives, clothes, recreational activities, etc., our investigator scan help determine what the subject’s likely income or assets are. This is especially useful for divorce cases to determine fair alimony and/or child support, or for judgment creditors in their efforts to collect the money they are owed.
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations: Surveillance is a powerful tool for assessing whether a claimant or plaintiff in an injury case is legitimately injured, by covertly observing his or her physical activities during the course of the day. Our investigators can help our have saved our insurance company clients save significant amounts of hundreds of thousands of dollars by exposing fraudulent claimants.

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