Child Support and Financial Lifestyle Investigators

Whether you are currently going through a divorce litigation and suspect your ex-spouse may be hiding or under-reporting assets or income, or you are having problems collecting your court-ordered child support payments, Radius Investigations’ team of licensed investigators can help you.

We can obtain information regarding where the ex-partner is living, working, and what assets are in his or her name. If he/she is hiding assets, we can assist your attorney in locating assets such as bank accounts, brokerage accounts, hidden business interests, and real estate. If he or she is claiming to be unemployed or underemployed, we can use field investigation techniques to analyze his or her lifestyle – how much money he/she is spending, what kind of activities he/she is engaging in, what kind of vehicle he/she is driving, etc. Your attorney can then leverage the information we provide to further support your case.

If your child’s other parent is not making payments for child support, but continues to earn income in some form, we may be able to help you collect what is owed to you. Alternatively, if your ex-partner is seeking additional funds from you or concealing his or her own actual income, we can assist your attorneys in getting a fair adjustment to child support or alimony. Our job is to get you as much information as possible about your ex-partner and his/her activities so that your attorney can use the legal system to protect your child’s interests and your own rights.

We offer investigation into your ex-partner’s life, such as:

* Current place of residence
* Name and address of current employer
* Assets owned (for example, real estate, vehicles, boats, motorcycles, jet skis, snow mobiles, etc.)

Intermediate Child Support Asset Search includes the following:

  • Demographic and residence information
  • Aliases, changed names
  • Real property ownership
  • Vehicle ownership (such as motor vehicles, watercraft and aircraft)
  • Litigation history
  • Corporation ownership / DBA (“Doing Business As”) ownership
  • Bankruptcy
  • Criminal history

As licensed private investigators, we have the ability to develop a vast amount of information about an ex-partner to help you to collect child support and improve the life of your child.