GPS Tracking Devices

GPS BUG - REAL TIME VEHICLE TRACKING AND REPORTING NYC & LONG ISLANDFor clients concerned about the use of their vehicles by employees, teenaged children, or suspicious partners, a GPS tracking device may allay their concerns.

A Real Time Vehicle Tracking System provides our clients the ability to easily view the current activity, speed, and location of the tracked vehicle in real time. This feature is especially suitable for those with vehicles traveling to multiple locations on a regular basis.

Clients can receive instant SMS notifications whenever the vehicle exceeds the speed limit, without having to install any software. An active monitoring system can help business owners in several ways. The information is highly accurate, so employees are held more accountable. Business owners can more effectively keep track of the activities for which company vehicles are being used which could , reduce idle time, improve fuel efficiency and increase overall productivity.

In order to ensure maximum benefits to our clients, we ensure that these devices are easy to install and use, and are supported by excellent customer service. There is live online technical help for any assistance that may be required.

There are many benefits of utilizing GPS trackers for business fleet owners, parents, and other vehicle owners:

  • Real time updates providing instant access to vehicle or your entire fleet 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • View the vehicle location in real time.
  • View the vehicle activity in real time, including speed and direction.
  • Create a clear record of vehicle activity for later review