Elder Abuse and Neglect Investigations

Eldery man with a walkerIt is a heartbreaking situation when the children become the caretakers for their parents.  It’s a fact of everyday life when mom and dad become incapable of caring for themselves in their own home.  Many people attempt to care for their senior loved ones but find that because of their own hectic lives doing so becomes impossible.  Too often, the children of seniors reach out for “professional” help in the form of Assisted Living homes and Nursing Homes.  The majority of these facilities offer clean, safe and compassionate care for senior citizens.

elderly-woman in a wheelchairWhile heavily regulated in the State of New York, many unscrupulous facilities continue to operate just under the “radar” of inspectors and regulators.

The courts are filled with cases involving the neglect and tragically the deaths of senior citizens at the hand of such facilities.

Even family members suspected of abuse of the elderly go unreported, even non-prosecuted.

If you suspect your senior loved ones are or have been a victim of abuse, contact the experienced State of New York licensed Private Investigators, Radius Investigations.

Working with law enforcement, court prosecutors and family, Radius Investigations will work to uncover the truth.


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