Missing Persons and Assets Located

Radius Investigations has extensive expertise in tracking down and finding missing individuals. We can assist in finding a loved one, a witness, a party to a litigation, or a debtor seeking to evade paying a judgment. Although we are headquartered in New York, we have global resources and can assist our clients anywhere in the United States or internationally.

Similarly, we can use our expertise to track down the likely location of a debtor or litigant’s assets. This could potentially enable you to collect what is owed to you, to enforce a judgment, or to determine if it is worthwhile to pursue a lawsuit.

Our investigative research produces discreet, in depth reports. Our clients may then utilize our findings to locate missing persons, identify hidden assets, verify debtor schedules of assets and liabilities, and to provide valuable background information when conducting examinations and depositions. Each investigation is customized to fit the particular needs of the specific case.

Our investigative research includes the following techniques for tracing missing persons and/or locating or verifying assets:

  • Running background checks
  • Identifying known associates and last known addresses
  • Confirming employment or last known employer
  • Researching real property and vehicle ownership
  • Identifying business affiliations
  • Criminal history checks and watchlist checks
  • Civil litigation history and judgment checks
  • “Skip tracing”
  • Field work – interviews of possible witnesses, associates, lifestyle, etc.
  • Surveillance