Criminal / Wrongful Arrest Investigations

wrongful arrestCriminal / Wrongful Arrest Investigations

Experienced law enforcement officers and detectives are the most qualified people to conduct criminal investigations. However, prosecuting attorneys and law enforcement officials are not immune from making mistakes, overlooking or disregarding potentially exculpatory evidence, or having their investigations hindered by department priorities or budgets. As a result, the focus of law enforcement agencies can sometimes be too narrow or even misguided.

Independent Criminal Investigations

What happens if you or your client has been wrongly accused in a criminal investigation? Since law enforcement agencies have the vast resources of the state (even if limited by department budgets), wrongly accused individuals are at a considerable disadvantage. As a practical matter, defense lawyers sometimes must discredit the work of seasoned police investigators without knowing with certainty what actually happened. Fortunately, defense lawyers and private citizens who are dissatisfied with governmental criminal investigations do have the option of hiring private investigators who are adept at determining the facts.

Alternatively, if you have been the victim of a crime but feel the police are not doing enough for your case, Radius Investigations’ team of investigators can help you pursue justice through an independent investigation of the crime. Radius Investigations is experienced at liaising with applicable law enforcement, to assist the police, and to supplement the official investigation, in order to see that justice is done for our clients.

Radius Investigations employs a highly specialized team of former police officers, detectives, federal agents, and military who gather facts when an investigation seems to not unfold as planned. We gather court-admissible evidence that can help free you from a wrongful conviction and/or identify the true perpetrators.