International Investigations

Radius Investigations has expertise in carrying out assignments throughout the world. Radius Investigations have specialists, sources, and contacts in most countries world-wide, and can provide responsive and reliable results for our clients wherever any issues may arise.

Most foreign countries have privacy and other local laws that make it difficult for individuals and sometimes even other investigative agencies to gain access to information, documents, evidence and intelligence. Some countries have very poor public records systems, which makes accessing accurate data quite difficult. However, at Radius Investigations, our years of experience in overseas matters enable us to provide local knowledge and gain access to hard-to-obtain information. Our international services include the following:

  • International background checks
  • International corporate due diligence investigations
  • International witness location and interviews
  • International asset searches
  • International surveillance
  • Foreign travel security and close executive protection services
  • Overseas criminal investigations


  • We investigated insurance claims in Great Britain on behalf of a Canadian insurance company.
  • On behalf of a multi-national corporation, we conducted in-depth background checks, due diligence investigations, and corruption risk assessments on numerous potential vendors and their home markets in Europe, Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East.
  • We conducted background investigations on potential corporate appointees and board members on behalf of several international companies.
  • In Bermuda and the United Kingdom, we investigated the circumstances surrounding the death of a client’s relative, and the subsequent treatment of the decedent’s remains.
  • We traced the assets of an American decedent scattered throughout various central and eastern European countries on behalf of his estate.