Private Investigator Divorce Proceedings

Divorce DecreeAs a professional NY private investigation firm; Radius Investigations can uncover fraud, concealed information and FIND the hidden asset’s should your Ex-spouse default or become in arrears with the monthly support.

The standard claim from all Ex-spouse’s is that they no longer have gainful employment but they will want to see the child and pull up in a new car or that you have found out through the grapevine that they are working off the books.

Most divorce decree modifications relate to children who are still minors after the divorce. Depending on the circumstances, a person can petition to modify child support, child custody and child visitation orders. Some states allow for divorce decree modification if the divorce court finds out there were hidden assets, concealed information or fraud.

We will conduct covert surveillance to establish proof that the non custodial parent is in fact working which is admissible in court for child support modification.The divorce decree is often referred to as the “final order” or “final decree” in divorce but many aspects of your divorce decree are subject to change under certain circumstances. Some issues in a divorce case continue to be litigated long after the final order is entered.

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