Corporate Investigative Due Diligence

Rigorous fact-finding and attention to detail during due diligence are two vital aspects in identifying and mitigating transactional risks. Approaching transactional due diligence from the point of view of a professional investigator, in addition to that of lawyers, accountants, or bankers, can help ensure that all the significant issues that may derail a deal or otherwise incur liabilities can be identified and properly addressed.

Beyond the nuances of a contract or financial statement, Radius Investigation’s’ investigative due diligence services bring value to our clients by providing the following:

  • Access to vital, non-public data and resources
  • Comprehensive research into the subject’s background
  • Intelligence analysis from a forensic perspective
  • Evaluation of credibility and assessment of true intentions
  • Insight into the subject’s reputation, connections, and possible conflicts.

Why Investigative Due Diligence is Necessary

Any significant transaction or investment can be fraught with the risk of hidden or unforeseen liabilities. Traditional due diligence is limited in the tools used to assess those potential pitfalls. Radius Investigations’ professional investigators, drawing on their varied experiences in law enforcement, intelligence, white collar litigation, corporate internal investigations, and financial analysis, offer our clients the ability to see past the “paper” of the deal to uncover potentially damaging hidden data.

Through in-depth interviews, lead and connection development, credibility evaluations, surreptitious surveillance, accessing secreted or otherwise unavailable documents, and tapping into industry and government sources and resources, Radius Investigations’ investigators can obtain the information our clients need to efficiently and effectively manage their risks.