NY Private Investigator Defeats Bullying

We all knew someone on the playground who initiated name calling, threw the dodge ball just a bit too hard, stole your lunch and snack money and somehow wound up with a few followers.  Even your own “friends” somehow turned against you.  Eventually, the bully either backed off and moved on to someone else, or you had it out with an old fashioned fight, and the result was they left you alone, or you became friends.

Thanks to the technology we have all grown to love, bullying today has taken on a whole new meaning and the consequences are far more serious than a playground scuffle  or losing a few friends.

More and more children are being attacked through the internet. When this happens it reaches a much larger scale than the playground. You have the entire cyber world joining in, most of the participants don’t even know the victim, but they are quick to add a comment and contribute. What was once a group of five can easily reach a group of five-hundred.

Signs that your child may be a victim of bullying
•Difficulty with sleep, frequent nightmares
•Low self-esteem, avoidance of things that once made them happy
•Physical ailments such as headaches and stomach pain
•Once outgoing and now keeps to themselves
•Less participation in sports or after school activities
•More time spent alone in their room
•Sudden drop in grade or participation in class
•Weight gain or weight loss
•Thoughts and attempts at suicide
•Alcohol and drug abuse

Radius Investigations has taken initiative and action to help empower parents and caregivers with information and tools needed in today’s modern technological world to help them combat and eliminate the bully in their child’s life.

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