Private Investigator NJ

Finding New Jersey private investigators with many years of experience and quality work is a difficult task.  However, if you are reading this that means you have completed the most difficult part.  Radius Investigations it the best place to find a NJ private investigator.  The reason being is we offer services and quality work that just any New Jersey private investigator cannot match. Private investigators of NJ come a dime a dozen, but NJ private investigators at Radius Investigations have earned the reputation to not fit in that category.

Our company is not only versatile, but we are reliable, punctual, and disciplined as well.  A brief overview of our services include:

    • Surveillance
    • Matrimonial Investigations
    • Child Custody
    • Employment Investigations
    • Forensic Computer Analysis, and more. 

As you go through our website you will find more details about the services we offer and the purpose of each one to make it easier for you.  We have private investigators of many different backgrounds which can benefit our clients more than companies that claim to be “well rounded”.  This includes male and female investigators to make it more convenient for our clients to whomever they feel most comfortable talking and dealing with.

Coming from different backgrounds allows our NJ private investigators to be able to assess situations from every angle, as well as using their experience to come to the best result in the shortest amount of time.  We understand fully that most or all of these situations you may encounter require the utmost certainty and effort to achieve success.  Our resources and services are also vast and can fit any client’s needs.  Our Investigators have an outstanding reputation that has allowed us to have many different types of law enforcement connections.

If you are not from the New Jersey area, do not let your location get in the way.  Our company has the availability to work diligently on cases that are outside of our geographic area.  We also have an office located in Melville, NY if you are not from NJ and are looking for private investigators that can legally operate out of state. This will benefit our clients so that we may reach them on a personal level and not just over the phone. To solve any of your issues without the need for traveling, give us a call immediately to get the case started for best results.

To talk to a private detective of NJ, and to receive a free consultation, call us at 1-888-698-0077.

The phone lines are open 24 hours a day, so don’t hesitate to call!