Private Investigator Long Island

If you are looking for a Private Investigator on Long Island, you have come to the best possible place. Being located in Melville, Long Island is most convenient for clients who live in the New York area to get the best possible relationship with their investigators.

We offer top notch services at an affordable price that cannot be matched to other private investigators doing similar quality work.  Our company is licensed and bonded by the New York Department of State, as well as State of NY Division of Criminal Justice Services.

Our clients know they can trust us to handle even their most difficult and personal cases immediately. Radius Investigations offers a wide variety of services that will suit your every need, whether it be personal, or even for someone you may know.  A list of our services include, but are not limited to:

    • Surveillance
    • Matrimonial Investigations
    • Forensic Computer Analysis
    • Child Custody
    • Employment Investigations, and much more. 

Our surveillance is not limited to infidelity, workers compensation, or insurance fraud.  Even Matrimonial Investigations have many choices.  For example, we offer services such as private investigation spy cameras, domestic abuse, local/national assets, and the list goes on.  As for our Forensic Computer Analysis, a few examples we offer are data retrieval and GPS services.  Don’t forget about Child Custody, which is a major situation that affects many families across the country.  Neglect and bullying are a problem that we can effectively deal with as well as many others with our Long Island Private Investigators.  If you have a problem in the workplace with hiring an employee, or just simply trust issues, do not wait until the last minute.

Some of these situations, for example can be related to credit verification, risk management solutions, or employee background screenings.  Insurance investigations are also major cases that can be dealt with and have become a major issue for many people in the workplace, or even at their own home. The sooner you make the first move, the quicker and easier it will be for you to solve any problems you may have and move forward with your life.  Our private investigators on Long Island have ground-breaking experience, as well as prior law enforcement and military backgrounds.  The qualities our company possess will not be found at just any ordinary Private Investigation firm.  With over 30 years of experience, Radius Investigations is the most intelligent choice to make.

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