New York Background Check

For a complete New York background check, you should not just go to the first firm you come across.  It takes skill and experience to perform a complete background check with every element you deem necessary to obtain.  Here at Radius Investigations we not only will get every aspect of a complete detailed New York State background check, but we will get the job done in the shortest amount of time possible.

We understand the urgency in these matters, so it is our top priority to give you the best and most affordable service for not only a New York background check, but also a criminal background check for New York if necessary.

Many companies and firms claim to have the complete background check, but to get a full and complete check, you need to have all the elements, and we are here to do exactly that.  The elements of a background check that many people do not realize are in depth and require the knowledge to get all the information, and more importantly the best places to get it.  Some of the elements that are included in the background check that we include are:

    • Statewide Criminal Court Record Search
    • New York Sex Offender History
    • Identifying the Aliases used
    • Searching the history of residence
    • U.S. Bureau of Prisons Search
    • Location of Birth, as well as the Date of Birth of the person
    • Anybody who is associated with the person (in terms of residence)
    • Any History of Incarceration

Each of these elements are just some of the services we provide in a background check.  Depending on the person, we may recommend you receive more information.  If you are especially concerned with the person, do not hesitate to go deeper into their history.  Many of the times a background check can provide the security and information you need when hiring a person, or just are suspicious.

For a more extensive background check we provide the following:

    • Any Civil or Criminal Court records
    • Any Bankruptcies they may have filed
    • A Law Enforcement Canvas
    • Any Federal Litigations the person may possess

A New York background check can provide you with all of this information.  The sooner you get involved, the more quickly and efficiently we can provide you with all the information possible.

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