Learn How to Be a Private Investigator!

Radius Investigations offers an Introductory Private Investigator Course*^, taught by a licensed private investigator, at our headquarters in Hauppauge, in Suffolk County on Long Island, NY.

About Our Intro Course*^

This Private Investigator Course teaches students investigative skills and abilities to gather sensitive information from individuals and businesses as well as insights into the private investigation industry. Our course includes the following topics:

  • Overview of Private Investigation as a career
  • Methods and practices – Types of Investigations
  • Qualifying the client / victim
  • Applied Security (safety in the field / Use of Force Article 35)
  • Fingerprinting / application process – renewals
  • Case Management – Procedures
  • Note taking – Report writing
  • Evidentiary documentation – Use of video equipment / Privacy laws
  • Sources of Information – Background checks and Investigations
  • Private Investigation Equipment
  • Investigators check list
  • Surveillance, Stakeout, & Shadowing (Mobile & Fixed)
  • Personal Injury and Insurance Fraud
  • Civil Investigation / Domestic – Marital
  • Introduction to Industry Ethics
  • Investigator Code of Ethics      
  • Criminal Laws Most Often Broken by Investigators
  • Security Operations / Responding to Emergency’s / First Aid
  • Being Approached by Law Enforcement / Managing Confrontation
  • Development of Professionalism
  • Terms of Agreement – Confidentiality  
  • Support for other Private Investigator’s & Attorneys
  • How to gain employment / The Interview
  • Contracts and Retainer Agreements

*This course does not include NYS Private Investigator License Exam Prep. More information on our prep course. NOTE: Radius Investigations does not administer the NYS Private Investigator License Exam. NYS Private Investigator Exams are administered by the NYS Division of Licensing Services and you must register on your own with the NYS DOLS to take the exam. Please see more information on the exam on our exam prep course page.

^Disclaimer: Introductory Private Investigator Course and Preparation course for the Private Investigation NYS License Exam are not sanctioned nor part of any curriculum set by NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services nor NYS Division of Licensing Services. Radius Investigations cannot guarantee any score, level, nor passing of the NYS P.I. License Exam.


Course Schedule:

Enrollment is on a rolling basis. The classes takes place over the course of 3 weeks. Course contains 9 sessions, 3 classes per week, that will begin the first week of September, January, and June. Our sessions are broken down into either Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays sessions, or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday sessions. We provide the following day and night sessions:

Day Schedule 1

  • Monday 11am-1pm
  • Wednesday 11am-3pm
  • Friday 11am-1pm

Day Schedule 2

  • Tuesday 11am-1pm
  • Thursday 11am-3pm
  • Saturday 11am-1pm

Night Schedule 1

  • Monday 3pm-5pm
  • Wednesday 5pm-9pm
  • Friday 3pm-5pm

Night Schedule 2

  • Tuesday 3pm-5pm
  • Thursday 5pm-9pm
  • Saturday 3pm-5pm

NOTE: All class times, dates, and days are subject to change, availability, and demand. Any classes canceled due to inclement weather, will be made up in an extra session at the same scheduled time after the three weeks are completed. 

Requirements for Course

To take our Introductory PI course, you must be:

How Much are the Private Investigator Introductory Classes?

Our prices are very competitive compared to other private investigator schools or programs. We are one of the very few on Long Island and NYC that offer private investigator courses and the only one to offer a separate exam prep course. We separated the courses to save on cost and structure each course for those who are new to private investigation and those who have established a career and want to become a licensed Private Investigator. Contact us to receive information on course pricing and packages.

Other Private Investigator Courses

We offer a Private Investigator License Exam Preparation Course^*. This course is for those who are established in the private investigation field and are ready to take the exam. We offer competitive pricing and a package price if you decide to take the introductory course and exam course together.

Class Location

 All of our classes are held at our headquarters:


150 Motor Parkway

Hauppauge, NY 11788

We are conveniently and centrally located on Long Island just off the LIE. Classroom location is subject to change and availability. Students will be contacted on classroom location as the class date approaches. Our office is located downstairs at Suite LL20



Take the LIE and take service road exit towards Exit 53: Sunken Meadow/Sakitos Parkway. Take exit for Wicks Road, the first exit upon entering the service road. Make a right at the light and continue on Motor Parkway for 0.6 miles. At 3rd light, make a left for the Citibank building. Parking and entrances are available at the front and rear of building.


Take the LIE and take service road exit towards Exit 53: Sunken Meadow/Sakitos Parkway. Enter the Wicks Road Ramp. Make left for Wicks Road. Make a right at the next light and continue on Motor Parkway for 0.6 miles. At 4th light, make a left for the Citibank building. Parking and entrances are available at the front and rear of building.


There is no direct public transport to our location, you will need a car or taxi to get from the train to our office. Go to the Brentwood Train Station. Make a right onto Brentwood Road, which becomes Washington Avenue for 1.8 miles. Make a left onto Motor Parkway and continue for 0.5 miles. Building will be on the right with Citibank sign. Parking and entrances are available at the front and rear of building.

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