Complete Personal Background Checks

If you are looking for a complete background check on a person of interest, then you have come to the right place. Radius Investigations will perform a complete background check on this person.

Whether you are looking for a relationship with someone, or just want to see if there are any hidden details, our Long Island Private Investigators will obtain that information. Just because you think you know someone does not mean you know all the details they may be hiding.

Hiring a private investigator is crucial to any background investigation. Radius Investigations specializes in a complete comprehensive report of the individual. Some important results that can be obtained are a criminal history check, and past address/associated address checks to comply with any inconsistencies on the part of the individual being investigated.

Another one of the many facets to our investigator service is verifying the past places of this person’s employment. This may not seem relevant to what you are looking for, but in the long run you will have peace of mind knowing they told the truth. We will obtain any past employment dates, compensation, and past employers/job titles. This part of the investigation will be most important to anyone who is curious about any previous job related injuries or compensation for whatever reason.

Education history is important to know as well. If you want to have a complete detailed view of academic records, our background investigation will obtain any incidents that may have happened. This can include but is not limited to overstatement of education or lying about a degree/degrees.
Radius Investigations will also check this person’s driving history with any regards to any traffic related incidents. A motor vehicle records report will be obtained which will include convictions in criminal court records relating to prior drunk driving or drug related charges.

For an immediate background check in NYC or Long Island, give us a call at (888) 698-0077.