Get Complete Employment Background Checks

Obtaining a background check in New York for your business is important for a number of reasons, and the difference between a complete check and a basic background check can make all the difference.

Our New York private investigators will provide a complete background check to ensure you are hiring the most qualified employees. Not only can these background checks save your business money; it can actually save your business. Studies show that 3 out of 10 business failures are actually caused by employee theft, and that a third of all applications contain lies. If you decide to not go through with a background check, you can miss key information that is being omitted or hidden.

Being consistent is one important factor when considering a background check. Gathering information consistently and in an organized fashion can make background checks much more efficient and easier to do. Having a consistent policy for your business on background checks can also be a key factor in any future hiring of employees. This includes how you get this information, as well as who and what you are going to check.

Another factor that is important with a complete background check is noticing any inconsistencies with past addresses through a social security number check. Radius Investigations will obtain an address history check using the applicant social security number. This will open the gateway for any criminal records checks as well as any omission of address information or time gaps in the application. Also, a criminal history background check is very important to not only see the applicant’s prior record, but to see if they lied on the application itself.

Hiring a private investigator for an employment background check will allow you to go through a comprehensive criminal background check. Just because you obtained some public information about your applicant does not necessarily mean you will have all the information. Radius Investigations will canvas any counties the applicant has lived (or associated in) in as well as any associated places of living, work, or education. Local and federal court records are included in this criminal background check. To even further the investigation, statewide criminal records searches will be conducted as well as a national criminal database search to narrow in on any counties that were not mentioned or searched.

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