Criminal Background Check NJ

Getting a NJ background check is not easily accessible for just anyone.  Many of those who can gain access to viable information such as a background check or a criminal background check need to have law enforcement purpose or certain licenses. Many times a background check needs to be done immediately, and here at Radius Investigations we can perform these kinds of NJ criminal background checks for you.

If you need to gain information about a person’s prior history with law enforcement, then you have come to the right place.  We have the experience in background checks for NJ as well as criminal background checks for NJ.  Gaining a background check on a personal with a potential criminal background, especially at the workplace is a very serious situation.   This should be addressed immediately if you or someone you know is an employer that is hiring.  Not taking immediate action prior to employment or at the time of employment can cause serious repercussions if the employee has a prior history.  If the employee has committed a serious crime you have the right to know.

Our company knows what to look for as well as the components of these background checks.  If you are looking for a non-criminal related background check for an employee or someone of suspicion, we can do that for you as well. When we run an employment criminal background check, some of the components that we are involved in researching are:

    • Nationwide and statewide criminal records check
    • National wants & warrants
    • Global homeland security searches
    • International criminal record checks
    • Federal criminal records check
    • Sex offender registry, and more.

Some background checks require education, employment, or license verification.  Our private investigators will conduct a motor vehicle report, state or federal license verification, employment history checks, and much more.  Not looking for either of those types of background checks? We also will provide background checks that include credit reports, county civil records checks, certain special credit checks, a history of workers compensation, or even research into a social security number scan. Certain forms such as an E-Verify form or an I-9 are important forms that we can determine employment eligibility. If you are concerned about insurance, we also will investigate medicaid sanctions as well. If you have any questions about any of these types of background checks and want to feel secure at home or your workplace, do not wait any longer.

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